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One Day – National Event

  • $85 per athlete (elite, prep, school, rec & dance)
  • $60 per athlete (novice & show team)
  • FREE CheerAbilities
  • Crossover (elite, prep, school, rec & dance) – $60 per athlete
  • Crossover is only category to category
    • Example: Cheer to Cheer or Dance to Dance
  • No crossover fee for novice & show team

One day – National Event Awards:

  • Division Champs (Elite, Prep, Rec, School & Dance) – placement medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Division Champion Gift
  • Novice participation medals
  • Show Team & CheerAbilities receive participation medals
  • Level Champs – Level Champion Banner (D1 Elite, D2 Elite, D1 Prep, D2 Prep)
  • Level Champion Jackets
  • Novice & Prep Grand Champs – Grand Champ Banner & Prize – (D1 Novice, D2 Novice, D1 Prep & D2 Prep)
  • Elite Grand Champs – Grand Champ Banner & Custom Champion Gift (D1 Elite, D2 Elite)
  • Specialty Awards

Division Splits:

  • D1 & D2 splits (where applicable)
    • D1 & D2 are split for each division with the following exception:
      • When there is no direct competition due to classification splits, D1 & D2 programs will be combined.
      • When D1 & D2 divisions are combined, a D1 division Champion & a D2 division Champion will be announced.
        • All other teams in the combined division will be ranked by score.

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